The Official Bright Tights Spotify Play List.

Sup Fans, 

It's been a while, sorry about that, it's been busy here at BT-HQ.  

Today is Monday the first official day of term 3 in Queensland.  It's right people, the big kids are back at school.  One of the things I achieved this winter school holidays is the birth of the very first Bright Tights Spotify Play list.

My inner mean girl (who weirdly looks like my sister) is telling me that it's shit and that no one will never listen to it, so why did I bother?  I bothered because it's rad.  All my favourite tunes, in one place, no skipping required, this is the list.  

Having a party? 


Going for a run?

Teaching the kids about Aussie Hip Hop?  Or good RnB?  

This is the list for you.  

The link is here below, or if you search Bright Tights in spotify my list will come up.

The name may change, at the moment its 'Bright Tights Ultimate Mega Mix - which I think doesn't truly represent the diversity of good music.  I was thinking something like Bright Tights | Ultimate Super Rad 'Icy Cold Cans of Coke' Mega Party Mix.  But even that's not completely fitting.... Any suggestions?  Leave a comment below.  

You'll always be able to find it by searching Bright Tights.