Roasting my 2017 '10 Things about Me' List

Ok, so I did this last year and to be honest it was a bit of a fizzer.  I am however a glutton for repeating myself, so here we are roasting my '10 things about me' list from 2017.  

If you want to see my last one, you can find it here.  

Righto, here is the original blog post -

Cute pic, I took this on Mothers Day 2017 with the beauty filter on snapchat.  I also posted it on Facebook and had many comments from rando relatives about how great I looked.  My favourite aunt even rang my Mum to find out what I was up to.  I was all about those snap filters in 2017.

1. I like to bake, I recently had a crack at making profiteroles. My jeans didn't fit the next day.

Haven't made them since, jeans still don't fit.  

2. I like Aussie hip hop #wheresmyhoverboard

I stand by that statement.  

3. I really love coffee, it's become a hobby. Drinking it that is, I don't grow my own beans, or grind them. Ok, so I like to go to coffee shops and drinking coffee.

Yup, love the stuff.  Drink more than ever, love it.  

4. Netflix has changed my life.

I remember when the Netflix people would send you the movies in the post.  I also have Stan too.  

5. I met my husband at a truck stop in Turkey.

Fun fact - that didn't change.  It does make me sound rather exotic when I tell people.  

6. If I had a dollar for every twin joke I've heard - I'd own a holiday house in the Hamptons.

I'd have a holiday house in Byron, lets be real.  I don't get as many random twin comments as I used to.  

7. I love living in Brisbane. We moved up from Sydney almost 6 years ago and I don't miss it.

Brisbane is rad.  

8. I love Masterchef. My husband and I used to make up our own mystery box challenges - it was a bit fun.

Love Masterchef, the new version last year was a win.  I have a #crush on Melissa Leong - she's a hot dog.   

9. I don't like replacing things until they break. I'd like a new jug, but the old one hasn't broken just yet.

True, I probably have the same jug.  

10. I have a general interest in politics and current affairs. I think its important to be informed, but I do find the negativity tricky to navigate.

True true, you will often hear me make conversation with 'I read this article ...'  or of late 'I was watching this TikTok video and I had ....'  

So there is go, another fizzer.  Thanks for playing along  SWX