Postage Sucks

Not just for you, but for me too.  

I had some great feedback this week.  

I love it when customers reach out and share their experience of shopping with me.  For a small business -  this is everything.  Not just to know that your customers are enjoying your product, but also the bad stuff.  Wasn't what I expected, poor quality, sizing wasn't correct, my kid hated them etc.  Without that feedback my business would never evolve.  

2 weeks after purchase I send my customers an email asking them for any feedback they have.  I usually don't get a lot of responses, but occasionally I get these little gems.    

You can find it online here -

These tights are great, sparkly on the outside, soft on the inside.  They also come in footed tights too and in black.  

I also get that postage sucks.  It really does, and I totally get it.  If you check out any small business Facebook group, or ask anyone who runs a small business who sells online you will find that one of the pain points is postage.

Customers want it as cheaply as possible and super quick.  I know I want that when I shop online.  

For me, I always try and make sure that all my orders are processed and packed same day, but what that costs and how long it takes to get to you is really out of my hands.  

I charge $8.50 for postage, need it quicker?  Just ask, I can upgrade the postage to Express for no extra.    

I really can't do it any cheaper than that, especially for a tracked parcel and lets be honest - it needs to be tracked.  With an Australia Post Business account I can buy a 500 gram Parcel Post satchel for $8.30 and $11.30 for Express Post.  Now they do have a sliding scale discount rate depending on how much you use the service.  Every year, without fail, their prices increase.  

I also use a company called Sendle, their customer service is great, they send you cute emails to let you know where the package is and when it will likely to be delivered.  They are also carbon neutral!  They are a little cheaper at $6.95 for 500grams.  They however don't deliver to PO BOXES and for some regional deliveries they are triple or more the price.  

For packaging last year I switched to using The Better Packaging Co compostable dirt bags.  They are made of corn starch and 100% biodegradable, which is really very cool.  

I feel like I am rambling a little.  

What I am trying to say is that I get it, my postage isn't the cheapest and I know that I lose customers because of it.  I don't have the buying power of a large business, hello Iconic and Showpo.  It's one of the crap things about small business.  

I could bump my prices up to cover the cost of postage, but I think people see through that tactic.  I think if you are selling large priced items, you could properly add a little extra, and then offer people free shipping.  A lot of businesses do it.  But for me, I think I would scare you away with $20 tights.  Or maybe I wouldn't.  

What do you think?  Does my postage prices scare you away?