Orange, London Fashion Week, No Pants and VB.

Have you been keeping up with London Fashion Week?  

Nah, me either. Well, that's not completely true. I have a soft spot for anything Victoria Beckham - I swear if we ever met we would be best friends. I swear. 

The gram is full of #LFW at the moment.  A Jenner has a new hair colour.  Alexa forgot to wear pants!  Damn I love her.  #itsriveting

The point you might ask?  Oh I'm getting there.  

I love reading The Cut, it's smart, funny, relevant ... I dig it.  I was happily scrolling through this morning and came across an article about how the colour orange was a huge standout at London Fashion Week.  Hello, orange.  It's my favourite colour! 

Still searching for the point of this blog?  

Oh I'm getting there - a cute pair of tights or leggings is the perfect way to add a little colour to any outfit.  

Check out this little poppet! 

Thanks to one of my lovely customers for sharing this cute pic of her daughter wearing our fluro orange wave leggings.  Now they are neon, with a cute wave pattern, sheer so great to wear with shorts and skirts to add colour.  Cute right!  

These leggings are available hot pink, yellow and lime in sizes 2-4, 4-6, 6-8 and 8-10.  

I'm nailing this blogging thing.