Mourning the loss of my NutriBullet

I have some tragic news to share ..... My NutriBullet packed it in yesterday after 4 very long years of service.  

I love this little powerhouse.  She has made me a many delicious, and not so delicious things over the years.  Yesterday's batch of frozen banana icecream was all too much, and that burning electrical smell .... oh no ... never good.  

My Beloved Nutribullet

From the moment I discovered this little gem, I wanted one.  Mum and I were watching late night TV together, must have been late 2013 when we came across the original NutriBullet infomercial.  I was salivating at all the amazing nutritionally dense things I would make, and as a Mum of 3 boys ... ohhh you get it.  

Mum rang the number and after attempting to figure out how much it would cost.  From memory they would only give a monthly price.  It was something like $39 a month for 8 months ... or something like that.  They would never give the full price which drove my Mum mental.  Bless my Mum but she never pays full price.  We spent the next 2 hours frantically Googling where we could buy one ... cheaper.  

I discovered that you could buy the same machine for $99 from Target in the US.  Guess who happened to be travelling to the US to see my brother?  My Dad, so a few months later he brought one home.  Wow, just wow - I wanted one.  

When my brother came home from his American adventure he shipped one home in a pile of car parts and tee shirts.  What a house warming present!  I felt so loved.  

And now .... I'll need to find a replacement after the frozen banana incident of 2018.  Any suggestions?  

I was planning to make this delicious peanut satay for dinner tonight, but now - no little love machine to whip it up in.

Has a particular house hold appliance captured your heart?  Leave me a comment below.