Let's do the Time Warp again, it's just a jump to the left .....

Ok, enough Rocky Horror!  

Unless you want me to belt out the entire verse to 'Touch Me' - love that.   

I thought it might be fun to take a look back at my very first blog post from 2016.  Hence the Time Warp vibes, to take a look and see whether it still stacks up.  It was a '10 Things About Me' post.   Fascinating, am I right?  

Ok, lets do it.  Here's the link to the original post - https://brighttights.com.au/blog/my-10-things-about-sam-from-bright-tights-/

Here we go; 

  1. I’m a semi-retired backpacker. My beloved backpack has become the home to my clothes that no longer fit.

Yup, still stands.  My beloved backpack still stores clothes I can't part with. 

  2.  I love anything nautical. My wardrobe is full of stripes. For too long I believed that stripes were only for skinny girls, what a lie!

Yes, still wearing stripes. I find it incredibly difficult to say no to buying yet another striped top. 

 3.  I’m married. We have been married for 4 years, together for 10.

Married for 8, together for 14 years.  I think. 

 4.  I am a Mumma to 3 boys – 6,6 and 2.

10,10 and 6.  

 5.  Yup, that’s right. I am blessed with identical twin boys.

Still identical.  Funny that.  

 6.  I have moved generally every 3 years since I was 22, and don’t like to stay in one place for too long. However, with school age boys I can’t see us leaving Brisbane anytime soon.

Same house and everything.  Shit this is riveting stuff.  

 7.  I am obsessed with the Kmart hack and inspo Instagram accounts. I loved them, as well as Kmart.

Here we go, something controversial.  No longer shop at Kmart.  I find that their clothes don't last, and while they look cute on Instagram - the quality isn't there.  I recently saw a few of my fav Fashun influencers sporting this cute green Kmart dress.  It was shit quality in store and I walked away.  I think as people we need to be smarter about what we buy.  Boo Yeah!  

8.  I love James Bond films, but don’t have a favourite Bond.

That's utterly crap, Dr No is my favourite Bond film.  Roger Moore is my fav Bond, followed by lover Daniel Craig. 

9.  One of my favourite pre-kid things to do was go out for a lazy breakfast, drink coffee, read the papers and eat eggs.

Still love eating breakfast, it's the best.

 10.  I love going to the beach. My happy place is Mudjimba on the Sunshine Coast, which isn’t far from where I grew up.

Happy place is still happy.  

Wow, *sigh* I feel like this one was a little tame.  I was hoping for something, I don't know, something.  

Would you like for me to take a look at my 2017 10 things?  Leave me a comment below!