The struggle is real, am I right?  It always becomes a thing once the weather starts to change and keeping those little bodies warm becomes a priority.  

Have you seen our cable knit tights?  

Firstly, they are made with a super soft heavy cotton, which is luxurious to touch.  Gee - that's descriptive.  But you get what I mean - they are made with a heavier cotton which is warm and soft to touch.  Made with 70% cotton, 27% Nylon and 3% Spandex.  

Here's Brooklyn from @thecapplesisters wearing our cable knit in charcoal.  Cute right?  

They are incredibly practical for school, and come in a great range of colours - charcoal, navy, heather grey (light grey), red, pale pink and hunter green.  There is also an option to add white to the range, if anyone is interested. 

Lets just briefly touch on the classic cable knit pattern.  It's a classic for good reason - easy to dress up for an event, or dress down for something a little more casual.  They really are the perfect combination!