I did the #FMSPAD Instagram Challenge and here is what I learnt!

#FMSPAD January Instagram challenge? HUH?  #confused

Don't be, it's a cool Instagram challenge run by the very popular Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim.  It's a great way to be in the moment, take a photo each day inspired by a word or phrase and share it online.  The challenge encourages you to think a little bigger.  

It's free, and to be honest a bit fun.  

Day two was #yellow

Ok, I thought it was funny.  

Here's another one which I thought was interesting.  This little guy was so happy eating a hole in my leaf he didn't care I had an camera right in his face.  

Want to know more?  You can find all of the details here how to play along;


Here's 3 cool things I learnt; 

1.  It took my mind off the school holidays and gave me something each day to focus on that was something for me.  It wasn't about my kids or my business it was something I did each day for myself.  

2.  I started taking more random photos of things that I thought were engaging and a little bit weird.  I found that I was playing with different type of video, macro, filters and different angles which forced me to be creative.  Which is not something I find easy.    

3.  By checking out the daily hashtags for inspiration I found a gang of cool new accounts to follow.  It's changed my Instagram feed for the better.  It's no longer makeup, memes and celebrities it's more landscapes, travel and less about brands.  

Here's a random 4th comment - I still suck at writing captions.  Nothing new there.  

I did this challenge on my personal Insta account which you can check out here; 


Have you played along at home?  Leave a comment and let me know!