I deleted the Facebook App off my phone!

You read that caption right - it's even a little click-baiting isn't it!  It's true I deleted the app from my phone and guess what ..... nothing happened. 

A few weeks back I came across something on Facebook that really struck a cord with me.  I couldn't let it go, even days later.  It was a misguided, completely untrue and in my opinion down right dangerous comment.  It's was one of those situations that unless you are having to make those types of decisions -  you really shouldn't have an opinion.  Families who make those heartbreaking decisions don't make them lightly and when you stretch for a better term 'fake news' about the issue -  it helps no one.    

Days later it was still bothering me, and I began to feel that my relationship with the social media giant wasn't a love affair.  I decided to delete the app from my phone, what the worst thing that could happen?  I miss a MAFS meme?  

It's been a few weeks now and you know what?  I feel a little free-er.  I don't feel as tied to my phone as I did before.  I'm not staring at stuff that doesn't interest me, because that's what I felt FB had started to become.  

Now, lets be real.  I am still using Facebook;

I use it for Bright Tights

I use it to connect to people in the business community

I use it to see what other people have eaten (If you haven't checked out Rate My Plate - you really should, the comments are everything), 

I use it for events and to connect with friends.  

I am just not using the app on my phone.  

By limiting my access (I now only use my laptop) I feel .... almost lighter.  I still check in a couple of times a day, but I have stopped that 'checking-Facebook-because-I-am-bored-thing', or I have 2 mins where I am not physically doing anything thing.

I spent this past weekend in Sydney, firstly for the trade show 'Life Instyle' but also to hang out with some of my favourite people.  From a logical standpoint it also meant that I wouldn't have access to FB for 3 whole days.  I am pretty sure that I thought I would have found myself re-installing the app.  Although I didn't, and you know what?  I didn't miss anything. 

When I came home I had 3 group chat messages - nothing which was urgent.  I had 64 notifications - none of which I could live without or were particularly interesting.

The horror - I don't need Facebook on my phone.  I've really enjoyed this mini digi-detox, and at this stage I don't think I will re-install the app.  Although you never say never!  

Have you ever taken yourself on a little digi-detox?  Leave me a comment!