Finding your Tribe

I want to talk about friendship, tribe and connection.  

Sounds a bit dumb, just stick with me for a minute.  

Firstly, let’s talk about Josie. This is her book week costume from a few weeks back. Do you remember book week? Nah me either, but I have been holding on to sharing this cute pic for a while because I wanted to write this blog post.  She is wearing our holiday tights to dress up as her favourite character from the book 'Josie'.  

I am good friends with her Mum - Katie.  However, Katie and I have only ever met once in person. Crazy right? We met around 9 years ago, or so, it’s a little blurry.  

When I found out I was pregnant I was absolutely terrified. When I found out a few weeks later that I was pregnant with twins I fucking flipped my lid. 


Who else loves Jeffree Star?  Just me?  Righto.  #can'trelate

I can’t really describe what I felt, even thinking about makes me cringe. Things were fucked. My career was starting to take off, I was making good money and I saw a path for myself that I had never seen before. I was running right towards it.   

Shit was looking good, man. 

Then shit wasn’t good. I was pregnant with twins.  I did have friends with kids, but I didn’t know anyone who had two babies at the same time.  The complexity of that .... just did my head in.  I pretty much shut down.  During this blurry haze I started researching online, because that what I do. Research. I found a wealth of knowledge through the Australian Multiple Birth Association, and discovered they had an online forum. But shit .. chatting online with people seems so 1996.  So I avoided that.  

Until I couldn't avoid it anymore .... 

So I went back to that forum, and lurked for while and after a few months I posted for the first time and Katie was one of the first people to reply to my post for how the hell other people did this.  Before I knew it I had a team of AMBA Aunties who had my back.  They told me how they did it, and that I could too.  These families scattered all around the country and the globe became my safe place, and I became theirs.  That support from someone who understood what we were going through changed the game.  

That support has continued to celebrate wins like starting school, having more babies, getting married, starting businesses, moving countries, going back to school and becoming grandparents.  That's a first for us I think - congrats Jenny.  While the forum is still kicking, we have moved to a private FB group and it is still a place that I look to when I need advice.  

Tribe is important, don't keep looking until you find yours and love them hard.  Also doesn't mean that you can't have more than one either.